We’re a non-profit social enterprise based in Leeds who repair and re-use PCs, with the help of volunteers. Thanks for visiting!

We have been working hard collecting donations and have lots of Linux machines, so much so we’re running out of space again. So we’re having £20 sale to free up some space and also to get this awesome software out in the community. These PCs will cruise the internet and … Read More

If you’re new to Linux, it can be hard to decide which of the many distributions (‘distros’) to use. If you’re interested in moving to Linux because Windows is running slowly and you don’t want to replace your hardware, this short post is aimed at you. Trying Linux is EXTREMELY easy and commitment-free, you can just … Read More

Need a computer for everyday tasks? Only want to pay £20 for it? As part of our drive to get computers to anyone who wants/needs one, we can offer a refurbished PC setup – including 15″ TFT monitor, keyboard and mouse – for just £20*

These £20 PCs are ideal for everyday tasks like … Read More