Upgrade/change simple components (RAM, Hard Drive, CD/DVD)*  £5-£20
Replace (broken) Laptop Screen or Keyboard  £35-£70*
Linux OS (Operating System) Installation**  £20
Windows/OSX installation with software, service pack updates and security setup  £35
Software Install/Driver Update  £20
Laptop/Desktop Service (software & hardware clean-up & optimisation)  £30
BIOS/OS password removal  £15
Data backup on digital medium (HDD/DVD/USB drive)***  £20
Data Recovery  £45
Virus Removal  £20


• Parts costs vary: new laptop keyboards are usually around £15 and screens usually £25-£50. We will give you a full quote (labour + parts) before starting any repair.
• We are open source fans, and can install a suitable version of Linux on any computer for £20. You might want to try Linux if your Windows PC is running slowly and you’re sick of handing   over £££ to Microsoft!
• If we’re also re-installing your operating system, we can do this for £10. But we recommend backing your stuff up regularly rather than paying us to do it!

• We accept cash, debit or credit card payments or pre-arranged bank/Paypal transfers. We can also visit your home or office for repairs if you’re near us! Please get in touch for details.